The La Verne tar pits

At the University of La Verne, the Cultural and Natural History Collections staff is using four vitrines in the window of the Campus Center for a series of mini-exhibits.

“We wanted to provide a brief visual escape while also displaying some of the objects in the Collections,” said Felicia Beardsley, collections director. “But, the exhibit is only four vitrines long, so if you blink you might miss it.”

Previous exhibits were about birds and about masks (including a gas mask from World War I). The current one, through Monday, has items from ULV’s La Brea Tar Pits collection. Yes, ULV has a La Brea Tar Pits collection. That’s also the source of the sabre-tooth tiger skeleton that’s on permanent view inside the Campus Center.

“Our goal is to provide a different exhibit every two weeks for the summer,” Beardsley told me. “So, for this summer, please take a stroll by the Campus Center, peer in the window, leave a nose print and tell a friend!”

I’ve done all the above other than the nose print — so unhygienic! — and am now telling friends, i.e., readers of my blog. Beardsley submitted the photos above; the one below is mine. (My photos through the glass had too much reflection.)

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