The sidewalks of San Dimas

Cleaning out some photos on my camera, I found a few from 2016 of downtown San Dimas’ Bonita Avenue, where the wooden sidewalks were due to be torn out and replaced by something more modern. The sidewalks, originally put in in the 1960s in an attempt to match the city’s Old West motif, were increasingly unpopular with merchants and anyone pushing a stroller.

To make this post more relevant, I stopped downtown recently and walked the new sidewalks. They’re wider besides being smoother, and a few benches and trees were put in, as well as a small town clock in classic style. The improvements were dedicated March 18, 2017, according to a plaque at the base of the clock.

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  • DebB

    Back in the late 70s, a friend was considering moving onto some horse property in San Dimas. She spoke to someone who was a part of city government (it’s been too long to remember), who told her that SD was so proud of their western heritage that they would never push out the horses or modernize the downtown area. Not that they’re changing the buildings or general ambiance, but never say never, I guess.

    • davidallen909

      Yeah, times change! You can never speak for what the next generation, or in this case the generation after that, is going to do. Also, to get to downtown from the 210 for the recent photos, I passed a property that boarded horses until a couple of years ago, when it was developed for housing.