Column: Drive-thru skills perfected during his idle moments

I write about my lifelong antipathy for the drive-thru and learning to get over it, sort of, during coronavirus in Wednesday’s column. This is a column that’s been on my mind for months.

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  • DebB

    I think I was either a pre-teen or a young teen when the drive-thru first came to Glendale. In my memory it was a Jack in the Box, and I still remember the commercials. A burglar races in, orders and get his meal at the window with the police behind him. They order, get their meal, then the chase is back on.

    Even though we sometimes ate at Bob’s drive IN, a drive-THRU was such a novelty that my brother and I used to beg our parents to go there. I guess I’ve never lost that – even today I’d rather drive-thru than go inside.

    • davidallen909

      That’s kind of nice, a childhood tradition that you’ve maintained through (or is that thru?) adulthood. And that commercial sounds funny!

  • SAWZ

    I haven’t seen your column yet but I get the gist. I always park and walk in if the place is open or walk up to the outdoor order window. I won’t go through the drive-thru. I get “In-N-Out” every Sunday and always have to anticipate what traffic situation I will encounter when I get there. There are two parallel drive-thru lanes which are always packed, and there is usually at least one car that blocks the lane for access to parking. If that lane is blocked, I then have to stay on the frontage-lane and enter the next lane going the wrong way to the west parking lot. .

    • davidallen909

      In-N-Out drive-thru traffic is intense. I see the one on Indian Hill often, and even with two lanes, cars spill out into the street and block traffic. Ugh.