Column: Van Halen glammed it up at Claremont High dance

While I won’t try to do the impossible and track every time Van Halen performed in the 909, I can’t resist a story about them playing a dance at Claremont High School. A school dance! Also: three more items, including one contributed by my mom, all in my Friday column.

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  • Bob House

    Summer 1963: Jan and Dean live, lip-synching in the El Roble Jr High auditorium. Each one drove up to the “venue” in his own car. This was after they had big radio hits. Maybe 100 fans.

    • davidallen909

      Jan and Dean at El Roble; the mind boggles. Despite refusing to carpool, obviously they were not too cool for school.

      • Bob House

        “Boggles,” and the always tricky triple-rhyme score. If this was Scrabble, you are the new champion!