Column: Mitla Cafe fares well in tortilla tourney

San Bernardino’s legendary Mitla Cafe got to Round 4 of the Tortilla Tournament in the corn tortilla bracket before falling to the reigning champion in Costa Mesa, a nice showing for both Mitla and the 909. Anyway, this modest news hook provides a good excuse to write about Mitla, which I do in Sunday’s column.

Mitla (pronounced “Meet-la”) was the subject of a Restaurant of the Week post in 2015 and was overdue for a column now that I’m in the Sun and thus have a San Bernardino-area readership. (And in the Press-Enterprise with a Riverside-area readership, hence last Sunday’s column on Anchos Southwest Grill.)

So it was high time I went there and introduced myself. Because they’re not doing dine-in, I didn’t order food to go, unsure where I would eat it. As I drove away, I saw a shady park less than a block away. D’oh! Well, next time.

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