Vietnam War dead, San Bernardino County

San Bernardino County government recently compiled and released a list of veterans from the county who were killed in action during the Vietnam era, arranged by hometown. That was a worthy effort that struck me as valuable to share here in part.

I’ve pulled names, hometowns and branches of service for those who lived in our core Inland Valley cities. You’ll find them below. Bear in mind the list stops at the county line and thus doesn’t include Pomona, Claremont or La Verne. I can’t vouch for the accuracy or completeness of the county’s list; see Alta Loma entry for an example.

Alta Loma: Gilles David Adams, Army; Stephen Wesley Bowman, Army; Dennis Franklin Fisher, Marines

  • A plaque at Alta Loma High lists Steve Bowman, Dan Carrasco, Jesse Loebach, Jim McGuire, Lenny Nyberg, Tom Teal and Chuck Thomas. Carrasco, McGuire, Nyberg, Teal and Thomas are listed below under Cucamonga; Loebach is not otherwise listed and Adams and Fisher are on the county’s list only.

Chino: Arthur Diaz Esqueda, Navy; Patrick Shawn Hederman, Army; Larry Herrera, Army; Robert Adam Kaneski, Army; Charlie Lopez Partida, Army; David Gerald Weber, Army

Cucamonga: Daniel Carrasco, Army; David Glenn Kellison, Army; James William McGuire, Army; Leonard Eric Nyberg, Marines; Ronald W. Penn, Army; Fred Thomas Teal, Army; Charles Blake Thomas, Marines

Etiwanda: Allan Lynn Harris, Army

Guasti: Barry Richard Franks, Marines

Montclair: Johnnie Lloyd Daniel, Army; Amedee George Granelle Jr., Army; Ernest Joseph Halvorson, Air Force; James Randall Hottenroth, Air Force; Robert Wayne King, Marines; Donald Lee Kipp, Army; William Frederick Lease, Army; Ronald Paul Petrick, Marines; Frank David Pina, Army; Lavern Leo Salzman, Army; Timothy Patrick Weaver, Army

Ontario: Bruce Wayne Collins, Army; Gilbert Ferrante, Marines; Larry Charles Hopper, Marines; David Jay Huffman, Army; Ervin Lovel, Marines; William Earl McDavid, Army; Antonino Ruggeri, Army; Charles Dudley Short, Army; Michael Joseph Soth, Army; Robert Joseph Staten, Navy; Gridley Barstow Strong, Marines; Kenneth Ben Thomas, Army; Carl Dee Wootten, Navy; Daryel Joe Young, Army

Upland: Wayne Joseph Benes, Army; Arthur Jack Carl, Army; David Andrew Denton, Army; Frederick Lee Dyer, Marine; Apimenio Lara, Army; John Pio Rogone, Marines; Richard Henry Vokes, Army.

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Column: Summer of vice in Claremont? And other local briefs

Friday’s column is shorter than usual, for good or bad: I wrote up a bunch of items but had to go home sick before I could come up with a topper. But, since they mostly couldn’t wait, and the show must go on, you get eight brief items and nothing else.

I’m writing this Friday morning from my desk, a sign I’ve recovered enough to get back to work. Onward to Sunday’s column!

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Now playing: March 29, 1998


In our office’s move last fall, I found a 1998 Daily Bulletin and was entranced by the movie ads. Like supermarket and help wanted ads, movie ads have migrated away from newspapers in whole or in part. These 18-year-old ads are of interest because many of the theaters don’t exist anymore. I don’t know the fate or status of them all, but the Mountain Green 4, for instance, is a Michael’s craft store. Click on the images for a more readable view.


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