Now, about that interdimensional time machine…

My colleague Sandra Emerson attended the presentation Saturday night at the old Carnegie Library  in Upland by Darklands Paranormal and found 205 people present, said to be the largest attendance for an adult event. People lined up for a chance to get in. Read her story here.

The alleged interdimensional time machine showed up in a series of three photographs taken of the children’s room. In the first, nothing untoward appeared. In the second, a boxy object can be seen, vaguely, across the room. In the third, the entire image was black. You can see the first two here.

Investigators returned after examining the photos and asked any spirits present what the wooden-appearing box was made of. Once a recording of ambient sounds in the room was analyzed, a voice is said to have replied: “It’s graphite.”

I like a helpful ghost.

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