Column: Shuffle mindlessly into Upland for ‘White Zombie’ screening


Sunday’s column begins with an item about a special — and free! — screening of the first zombie movie, the 1932 Bela Lugosi camp-fest “White Zombie,” which happens to co-star a woman who later went on to own a junk store in Ontario. Er, interesting career trajectory, no? She’s Madge Bellamy, pictured below, eyes wide. I’m introducing the film, and selling my book, too. That’s at 6 p.m. Wednesday at Upland’s Carnegie Cultural Center, 123 E. D St.

After that item: more news from Upland; an update on the Girl Scout property in Claremont with news about a similarly threatened property in Chino; and a farewell to the late sculptor Aldo Casanova.


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More dogs, more poker


When last we left the subject of office decor for Stephen Dunn, Upland’s city manager, he had received a print of “Dogs Playing Poker” from an Upland man who was tickled by a reference in my column to the famously low-brow image. (Dunn had taken everything off his walls and might be thought to be in need of art.)

Then came reader Bob Terry, who dug up a “Dogs Playing Poker” 3-D piece of, er, art from his garage, left over from his days as a salesman for Novelty Inc. Terry gave the piece to me and I presented it to Dunn a couple of weeks back. He promised to hang it if the City Council lets him keep his job. Neither of us are holding our breath on that.

It’s hard to tell from my photo, but rather than a painting, the piece is at least an inch deep and contains figures of the dogs and tables, all handpainted, behind the glass. Let’s see the Getty match that!


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