Comments on this blog have picked up of late, with the Chinese restaurant entry drawing an impressive 16 reactions at last count.

But what’s really wild is the “things that aren’t here anymore” thread topped 100 comments on Monday. Whoa!

You can find that entry, and others like it, if you click on the “Reminiscin'” button on the right.

Frankly, by this point the “aren’t here anymore” entry is all over the map (literally). Its popularity hasn’t been lost on me, and as you’ve noticed in the weeks since then, I’ve had several daily blog entries on specific nostalgic topics such as Buffums’, with more to come. That’s probably more useful, at least for people who check this blog regularly.

Feel free to continue posting to the “things that aren’t” thread, and if you have ideas for more such nostalgia topics — for instance, places or things you’ve always been curious about — I’ll consider doing entries on them.

And while it may go without saying, I’ll say it anyway: Thanks to everyone who’s posted comments.

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“Is it rolling, Bob?”

Testing, 1, 2 … greetings, and welcome to my blog!

If you’re here, surely you already read my Inland Valley Daily Bulletin columns. (Readers: “Don’t call us Shirley.”) If not, look for those pieces at www.dailybulletin.com/davidallen, where I roam from La Verne to Fontana, Upland to Chino, with lingering stops in Ontario, Pomona and Rancho Cucamonga, looking for silly stuff, quirky stories, culture, charm and character before development drains it all away.

Why do a blog AND three columns a week? Because overkill is underrated. Also, it’s an experiment on my part.

I find more material than I can always get into print in a timely way, I get entertaining comments from readers (especially reminiscences about the recent past) there’s no room for and I notice things around the valley, such as business closures, that I can’t think of much to elaborate on but that ought to be put on the record.

Moreover, I try new restaurants and almost never write about them, and I journey outside the valley to places you might like to read about — for instance, I was at the Rialto Theater in South Pasadena for its closing weekend — but that my column isn’t really set up to chronicle.

Thus, this blog.

My goal is to post daily, so that every time you check in, there will be something new here to read. I can’t promise it will always be scintillating, and it may be just a few lines, but hey, at least it’ll be fresh. Your readership and comments are encouraged and will help this experiment succeed.

Oh, and one more thing: I’ll call you Shirley any darn time I like.

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