Missed column, new car

Sorry to have missed Sunday’s column, but I took Friday off to take care of my car situation. I bought a used Fiat! And, whew, returned my rental before the deadline.

Over the weekend, I dealt with all the paperwork, insurance, etc., and sorted through all the stuff pulled from my Mini Cooper (RIP) before taking what was necessary to the Fiat. I didn’t carry much in my car, but it’s still a lot when it’s spread out on your living room floor.

This also meant picking up and sweeping teeny bits of broken auto glass that had festooned my items, especially my umbrella with all its folds. That stuff is pesky; even this morning, after all the cleanup, and post-cleanup, I spotted two more little pieces.

Anyway, I’m now fully carred, albeit in a compact. Let’s roll.

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