Your two cents: “Liberal a-holes…”

In Friday’s column I wrote: “While it was no shock that Barack Obama won a second term, and won California, did you know he carried San Bernardino County? He got 51 percent to Romney’s 46 percent. Remember that the next time you read those anti-Obama, ‘wake up, America’ letters on our Opinion page. They don’t reflect majority sentiment.”

A voice mail left on my phone Friday morning from an anonymous caller before I got into the office, quoted in full: “Liberal a-holes spent eight years writing about Bush in the Bulletin letters section. I never heard you remind them he won the popular vote in San Bernardino County. Why was that? C’mon, put down your Obama poster and get out of bed. Fool.”

My point was that Obama carrying conservative San Bernardino County was a surprise. I don’t think Bush carrying conservative San Bernardino County surprised anyone, did it?

Reasonable people may disagree — question: are there any reasonable people left? — but I did enjoy additionally pointing out that, given the 909’s reputation, we must not be as Republican as we used to be. I was directing the comment partly to the rabid Obama-haters that they ought not to assume everyone agrees with them, but also to those on the other side of the fence, who might appreciate the perspective that a majority locally may agree with them.

Anyone want to toss in their two cents on this fellow’s two cents?

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Your two cents: ‘Ungrateful’

I get so few angry letters or comments that it’s kind of a treat when I do. Thus, my pulse quickened the other day at a belated comment here by reader Jeff in response to my Dragon Loco Restaurant of the Week. Since you wouldn’t have seen it unless you keep close tabs on the “Recent Comments” section, let me present it here in full:

“Wow, This Guy!!!! David after working for daily bulletin for decades you haven’t gone nowhere. This Kid is the future, he is bring something different and new, not like the antique places you like and over done…. We seen it ate it, been their. I visited Dragon Loco After your review. Let me Say you are totally wrong, the ingredients are fresh and great. What do you now about ingredients you are just a run down columnist that just writes about the past and places from the past. I admire this kid he has something going on and it will catch on. you are a ungrateful person for him trying to contact you, WHO YOU THINK YOU ARE NEW YORK TIMES!!!! Come on man…… BE THANKFUL PEOPLE STILL READ THE NEWSPAPER AND KNOW WHO YOU ARE……… YELP, AND ALLEN BORGEN, LOVE THIS PLACE….. AGAIN WHAT DO YOU KNOW, RUN DOWN COLUMNIST.”

Wasn’t that awesome? Who I think I am indeed!

I just reread my blog post and my criticism, to my eyes, seems awfully mild, especially compared to the above. You can find my official response attached to his comment after that blog post.

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Your two cents: ‘very misleading’

Our RC Now blogger Wendy Leung used to print the occasional email or voice mail transcript of a reader comment under the heading “Your two cents.” What the heck, I’ll try it too. This was an emailed comment from a Lemon Festival official about my column last Wednesday on an Upland council meeting. The email was also sent to 20 other people, many of them at City Hall, the Chamber of Commerce or Fairplex, which certainly put me in distinguished company.

“Dear Mr. Allen;

“Your article about the Elephant rides and the Upland Lemon Festival was, as usual very misleading. If you had taken the time to read the article in your newspaper in regard to why the elephant rides will not be at the LA County Fair this year, you would have learned that it had nothing to do with safety or any other aspect other than a change up of theming at the fair.

“Have Trunk Will Travel has a safety record beyond reproach. They promote the breeding of Asian Elephants and have had elephants give birth at their ranch due to there program, which is privately funded. You try in vain to cast them in villainous role when nothing could be further from the truth.

“Have you seen their facility, or the custom trailers that were made specifically for the elephants, or better yet, taken the time to call them or ask questions? I will venture to say you haven’t, as most journalists would much rather write something without any facts as that is what responsible journalism is all about, is it not?

“How many people were able to see or even ride an elephant at the Lemon Festival? How many people were able to talk to Have Trunk Will Travel and LEARN about the elephants during the festival? Thousands. One person makes a negative comment, and out of nearly 100,000 people that’s what you choose to write about. Amazing. Perhaps we should ban all clowns, balloons, cotton candy, carnival rides, petting zoo’s & pony rides too, as I am sure there is someone that was scared by or doesn’t like them for what ever reason.

“Gary & Kari Johnson have done more and continue to do more for the welfare, preservation & conservation of the Asian elephants than you could ever imagine. If all animals were cared for and provided for as well as their elephants, this world would be a much better place. Next time, please take the time to learn the facts, prior to writing something just to sell news papers.

“Mark Hill
Founder Upland Lemon Festival”

Personally I think Mark read more into what I wrote than was there. I never said anything about “safety,” for instance, and don’t believe I cast anybody in a “villainous role.” (I also doubt that what I wrote sold any newspapers, although the idea that I did is flattering.) But what do you think? Was my commentary misleading or unfair?

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