It’s Cookie time so be a good scout!



Inland Empire Girl Scout Cookie Challenge

Help girls learn through cookie sales!


The Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council are challenging Inland Empire cookie customers to help Girl Scouts build courage, confidence and character through the Annual Girl Scout cookie program.


Though Girl Scout cookies are only on sale for about two months, Girl Scouts spend nearly the entire year preparing for the sale. Workshops leading up to the cookie sale emphasize working toward a goal, speaking confidently, managing money responsibly, practicing safety and providing high-quality customer service.


Lessons and activities are customized to girls’ ages and learning levels. Older Girl Scouts take on the leadership role of teaching younger girls how to manage their cookie sale.


“Skills taught by the cookie program, especially money management and goal-setting, are necessities that will stay with these girls throughout their lives,” says Elizabeth Locke-Thomas, Co-Director of Product Sales. “And of course, learning how to work together with friends is an important and memorable part of the cookie program.”


To ensure the best educational experience possible, Girl Scouts of San Gorgonio Council encourages cookie customers to ask Girl Scouts any or all of the following questions:

         What cookie do you recommend and why?

         What is the “I Care” cookie sharing program?

         What has the Girl Scout cookie program taught you?


By answering questions correctly and reaching their sales goals, Girl Scouts develop confidence in themselves and excellent customer service skills.


The Girl Scout cookie sale goes through March 29, 2009.  Booth sales will start at your local grocery store on March 6.  For cookie booth locations and more information about Girl Scouting, visit


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