Top 5 Reasons More Americans Are Gardening in 2009 has what they need to be successful! 

  1. I want to grow my own food – show me how to build and care for a productive home food garden (vegetables, herbs, fruits and nuts).
  2. I am space constrained – help me improve the quality of my outdoor space.
  3. I need to sell – show me how to increase the curb appeal of my home.
  4. I need to cut back – help me save money or time on my favorite hobby.
  5. I’m a novice – teach me, in a way I can understand, how to start a garden. is the fastest growing online resource for plant and gardening information. In just under two years time, posted its 1,000th article, making its expert-driven collection of projects, plant profiles, tips and techniques the most current and complete available online today. The articles and projects are created for people of any skill level and every degree of interest.

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