If at first you don’t succeed…

Well, you know the rest:)

My first several attemps at blogging were dismal.

I tried to keep it up with daily entries of quips, recipes, helpful hints etc., but life got in the way and I let the blog go by the wayside – if in fact blogs have waysides:)

But recently our webmaster blessed me with a really cute, new masthead/logo/marker thingy, and I thought, “wow, if he’s not giving up on me, then I should give this blog thing another try.”

Instead of the mundane postings of e-mails from PR firms, I will try and offer the cute, touching, frustrating and in general interesting things that I come across everyday. I’m guessing the other stuff you’re probably getting  blasted with on your computer anyway:)

Wish me luck – and I’ll do the same for you!!



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