Dine 909 joins BurritoQuest ’08

Our friends over at the Redlands Daily Facts have been on yet another BurritoQuest for the last couple of months, and with chief BurritoQuester Jesse B. Gill (does the B. stand for “Burrito”?) on vacation this week, Dine 909 was invited to join the BurritoQuest.

We returned to Casa Maya in Mentone, the site of Jesse’s most disappointing burrito experience this year.


Facts Business Editor and burrito shredder Joy Juedes was in charge of the motley crew she assembled for this week’s quest.

As for Casa Maya, they fared a little better this time around.

I’ve been to Casa Maya before…many years ago. Their Mayan-style Mexican food has gained them a pretty good reputation.

time around I had a chicken poc chuc burrito and a taste of their
guacamole. The burrito was of a generous size and the chicken was
tender and tasty. The guacamole was a little heavy on the lime, but
also very tasty.

Casa Maya’s food is decent enough, but some of
their prices seem a little out of touch with reality. Your basic bean
and cheese burrito is $6 and the prices go up from there. Seriously
though, is any burrito worth nearly $18?

As I mentioned to Joy, they do have lunch specials for those who are a little light in the wallet.

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