Two less dining choices in Redlands

So, as Pei Wei disappears from Rancho Cucamonga, two more restaurants have vanished in Redlands.

Charo Chicken, part of a smallish SoCal-based chain, has closed. Again.
There’s a new banner covering their old sign at the bottom of the Orange Street exit off Interstate 10. Word is they’re trying to attract a gourmet burger place to fill the vacancy. Personally, I think they would do better to have a Quiznos or maybe even a Daphne’s Greek Cafe, something people can stop and get a quick meal to go on the way home.
I’m not surprised that Charo Chicken has gone. The sole time I went there, my dining partner’s meal (the Moe’s Famous Potato) was so bad that we ended up getting $10 in gift cards to make up for it. I still have them.
They closed a while after that, and re-opened. This time they’ve closed for good.
The other, more recent closure is Babe’s Slim PigN’s. Shocking? Not really. Not since Famous Dave’s opened up right across the freeway, in Citrus Plaza.
I liked Slim PigN’s. It wasn’t bad for a barbecue place. I went there two or three times since they opened…but I’m not a huge barbecue fan.
Their tamales were some of the most tender tamales I’ve ever had. I will miss ’em.
They were just slightly ahead of their time. If they had opened in Citrus Plaza, they’d probably still be open.
Redlands Daily Facts Business Editor Joy Juedes is looking into the Babe’s situation. Expect a story soon.