Catching up with the Sun and the Daily Bulletin

Since the Redlands Daily FactsBurritoQuest seems to have folded (Get it? Folded…like a burrito! Heh.), I’m glad we at least still get to have Lunch With ‘Lainey. This week Elaine travels south of the border (of San Bernardino County) to explore uncharted territory…Riverside. She ends up at Tummy Stuffer on Iowa Avenue (near Columbia Avenue).

I don’t know that much about Tummy Stuffer other than the fact that I’ve passed by the one in Anaheim on La Palma Avenue dozens of times on the way to check out the gizmos at Fry’s Electronics. Elaine seems to be OK with it, and that’s OK with me.

Also, David Cohen reviews new offerings at Riverside’s Sevilla restaurant here.