More Q in the IE

Got a press release today from Dickey’s Barbecue Pit. They’re opening a new restaurant in Rancho Cucamonga, but the press release failed to mention specifically where or when.

A quick look on their Web site, however, brings up an address: 9670 Haven Avenue, which is just north of Fourth Street.

On that same page, I saw that they’ve already got a store in Chino at 11971 Central Avenue, and are planning to open in Fontana (16391 Sierra Lakes Parkway), Ontario and Corona.

Don’t know what it is about all these new barbecue places springing up all over, but in today’s economy, I’ll welcome any new business.

Especially ones that offer free ice cream!

If any of you Dine 909ers have been to the Chino restaurant (or any of their other locations) and want to share your experience; or if you have any more info on the upcoming locations, feel free to email us or leave a comment. Thanks!