Openings here (Redlands) and there (Fontana)

You would think that with the economy in the state it’s in now, nobody in their right mind would be opening new businesses.

Well, apparently restaurant owners are not in their right mind.

20967-Mill Creek-thumb-400x261.jpg

“Reader Bob” emailed us here at Dine 909 to tell us that Mentone’s Mill Creek Cattle Co. has expanded. Indeed they have. The sit-down restaurant now has a fast-food-type location, complete with drive-thru, at 2087 Orange Tree Lane in Redlands, just across California Street from the defunct Pharaoh’s Lost Kingdom.

So if you’re in the area (shopping at Wal-Mart, no doubt!) and are craving BBQ or burgers, be sure to check it out and let us all know how it was.

Thanks for the tip, Reader Bob!

Also, driving down Sierra Lakes Parkway in Fontana, I noticed that the Mimi’s Cafe at the corner of Sierra Avenue is soon to be open, and I also spotted the Dickey’s BBQ that is now hiring, so they should be open soon as well. Mimi’s is at 16933 Sierra Lakes Parkway. Dickey’s BBQ is just down the block closer to Citrus Avenue at 16391 Sierra Lakes Parkway.

Of course, the most surprising thing about this entry is not that there are three new restaurants in the Inland Empire.

It’s that Dine 909 has a reader!