Eat here and get gas

Yeah, I know it’s an old joke, but I just had to do it.

But there is some validity to it…Allan Borgen’s review this week is for the Mexican restaurant Picante, which is located inside a Shell gas station at Base Line and Cherry Avenue in Fontana.

The Mega Breakfast Burrito sounds delicious. I may have to stop by next time I visit my friend, who lives (way) down the street.

Click here to read Allan’s review.

Also, Elaine “Lunch with ‘Lainey” Lehman visits San Biagio’s Pizza in Upland. I’d gone to San Biagio’s a while back. After reading Diana Sholley rave about it in her column, I had to try it. It’s authentic and really good…maybe not as good as my Italian grandmother’s pizza, but really good.

I think it’s time to pay them another visit.

Click here to read Elaine’s review.