Gourmet egg nog throwdown

So, I’ve been wanting to try Broguiere’s egg nog for a couple of years now, after reading people rave about it online and seeing it Huell Howser’s California Gold show.

This year I finally did.

Was it good egg nog? Definitely.

Did it live up to the hype? Not really.

I was expecting something that would knock my socks off. What I ended up with was egg nog that took me back in time to the egg nog they used to sell when I was a little kid.

It was the third brand of egg nog I tried this year.

Earlier this month, I brought a couple of quarts of Fresh & Easy’s
egg nog to a church get-together. F&E’s egg nog was very good, if a
bit on the sweet side. It had the flavor of egg nog ice cream. Very
creamy, but not overly thick. And a bargain at only $1.99 for a quart.

The second brand I bought was a consolation prize after driving to
Henry’s in Rancho Cucamonga in search of Broguiere’s. They carried four
varieties of their milk, but were out of the egg nog. I ended up
getting a quart of Straus
organic egg nog, which I remember reading was similar to Broguiere’s. It was the milkiest of the three, and had a slightly
odd flavor. I achieved a good combination when I mixed Straus’
half-and-half with the Broguiere’s. I paid $4.49 at Henry’s (with a
$1.50 deposit for the glass bottle) for Straus’.

So I ended up driving to Montebello to the Broguiere dairy on Christmas
Eve to pick up four quarts of the elusive nog. Crazy, I know, but there
are apparently some things that you can’t get in the Inland Empire. I
took one to a Christmas Eve party, one went with me to the parents’ on
Christmas Day and two were given away as presents. I got all four
quarts with tax and glass bottle deposit for $20.06.

Of the three egg egg nogs, I’d still rate Broguiere’s the highest. It’s
nice and thick with a good color and flavor. Next up would be Fresh
& Easy’s, for it’s ice creamy goodness. Last would be Straus’…just
not thick enough and that odd flavor. Don”t know what was up with that.

Do you Dine909ers have a favorite egg nog? Feel free to chime in below.