R.I.P. Buffalo Ranch

Pulling out of the San Bernardino 99 Only store I glanced across E Street and noticed something missing.

The old Buffalo Ranch restaurant has been razed.

OK, so it had been empty for years, but still…it was kind of reassuring that it was there, with the hope that one day it might turn into a new restaurant.

For those who are too young (or too old) to remember, Buffalo Ranch was an offshoot of Sizzler where the employees would sing and do line dances between the tables every half hour or so. In fact, that building had originally been a Sizzler.

I recall eating there only once.

I don’t remember Buffalo Ranch lasting very long.

Do you remember the Buffalo Ranch restaurant? Did you eat there when it was open? Did you work there? Feel free to comment below.

2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Buffalo Ranch

  1. I worked there when they opened in 92. Best food in town and very fun environment. Very sad to see it close dow. J

  2. Jeanette:

    Thanks for letting us know. Good to hear that the employees were having as much fun as it looked like they were having.

    Of course, nothing has been built on the site yet.

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