Round up of West Valley restaurant closings

From the Daily Bulletin‘s blogs (mostly David Allen‘s), we hear of more restaurant closings over in the West Valley:

  • First up is someplace that’s been closed for a while…Old Baldy Brewing Company in downtown Upland. I used to frequent the Old Baldy Brewery when I lived in Claremont. In fact, I think I still have an empty growler from there in a box somewhere at home…perhaps it’ll be a collector’s item someday. Click here to read David’s post.
  • Also on the list are three Victoria Gardens eateries: Nathan’s Hot Dogs, Sisley Italian Kitchen and Wapango. Of the three, I’d only been to Sisley, and only a couple of times, but it was really good. I’ll miss it. Wapango had only been open since July, according to David. During his visit this summer, he ranked it in the top half-dozen of Vicky G’s restaurants. Read his post here.
  • Lastly, from Wendy Leung’s RC Now, we learn that another Rancho restaurant, Bobby Baja’s, shut down mid-December. I never made it to Bobby Baja’s, but I’ve been to the Souplantation in that same center (Vineyard Avenue & Foothill Boulevard) more times than I can remember. It just seems like the food there is somehow better than the one here in San Bernardino. Strange, isn’t it? Read Wendy’s post here.

Things are not looking good over in the West Valley. Let’s hope that things will turn around in 2009 and that we’ll at least see more restaurant openings than closings.

In the meantime, please support your favorite restaurants. You don’t want them to suffer the same fate as the ones mentioned above.

  • Gavin C.

    One more closing: Chef’s Buffet on Foothill across from the Terra Vista mall.

  • John Plessel

    You mean the old Buffet Dynasty? I went there with a $25 certificate from just after they switched owners. Ended up going to Mimi’s instead. Probably got a better meal there, anyway. Got my money back on the certificate, too!

  • The Chef’s Buffet space has changed hands many times and I don’t think that many people will miss it. But it was popular with seniors who could get a good deal there and with people who liked Americanized Chinese food.

    On the other end of the spectrum was the closure of Le Bellisimo inside Masi Plaza. It was a fancy restaurant in a not-so-fancy center. When I went by on a Wednesday evening, the place was shuttered but with no signs announcing it. Just an old note announcing three courses and a glass of wine for $19.95. Sigh. In a good economy, some people would pay that much for just a glass of good wine there.

  • John Plessel

    Wendy, I think you’re right about most people not missing Chef’s Buffet. I’m certainly in that category. Le Bellisimo is a different story, though. I, too, missed my chance to eat there, but my parents went there last year (on a certificate, no less) and raved about it. Of course, they noted that they had the place all to themselves. Their Web site still advertises any of their pasta meals on Mondays and Tuesdays for $10. Wow. Their location was not the best, though. Let’s hope Chef Christophe et al didn’t give up completely and will resurface at some point in the future.