How do you say “orange” in Japanese?

Why, it’s Mikan, of course!

How do I know this?

Am I fluent in Japanese?


I read David Cohen’s review of the restaurant of that name at the corner of Pearl and Eureka streets (at the end of the eastbound Orange Street offramp of I-10…how appropriate).

He seemed to like it well enough, except for the loud, tipsy folks who came down from the upstairs bar to dine.

I have yet to dine at Mikan, but in general, I find most of the Inland Empire Japanese restaurants a little samey.

Other than the decor, it seems that little distinguishes them. Most of them have a dining room, a teppan room and a sushi bar.

There are exceptions, of course, but in general, I find them a little monotonous.

Perhaps Mikan will be different. I’ll have to give them a try.

Read David’s review here.

Also, Elaine Lehman tootles down the 10 (Did I just type tootles? It must be late.) to have lunch at Surfer Joe’s in San Bernardino.

Again, right off an eastbound I-10 offramp, this time at Waterman Avenue South.

Surfer Joe’s I have been to, but not for a long while. They did have pretty tasty sandwiches at reasonable prices, from what I remember.

You can read the latest Lunch With ‘Lainey here.

  • Nick

    Actually Mikan is used for mandarin oranges.the regular oranges that we make the regular juice out of are hassaku.
    i didn’t know this till recently.but if you look it up you’ll see.