Aladdin Jr. versus The Mirage…fight!

From Daily Bulletin reporter/fledgling Dine 909 contributor Wendy Leung comes the tale of Pomona’s “kebab war.”

In a nutshell, John Hassan, owner of Mediterranean restaurant Aladdin Jr. for six years, sold that business in 2004 to twin brothers Kal and Wally Halik.

Later on, the brothers went on to open Casablanca Bar and Grill in Claremont’s Packing House. Hassan responded by opening a virtual clone of Aladdin Jr., The Mirage, four doors down from his former restaurant.

Hassan claims that he and the Haliks had an agreement that Aladdin Jr. would be a hookah bar, while The Mirage would serve food. Kal Halik disagrees. He believes Hassan was jealous of the brothers’ Packing House restaurant and opened The Mirage nearby to spite them.

Thankfully, the rivalry has simmered peacefully for two years.

Really, falafel and hummus are not worth fighting over.

Interested in making your own comparisons? Aladdin Jr. is at 3161 N. Garey Ave., while The Mirage is at 3171 N. Garey Ave., in Pomona.

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