Free coffee at Ontario Starbucks

The Starbucks on Vineyard near the Ontario Airport is offering a free 8 ounce coffee on Friday for anybody who stops by wearing all black from 6 to 8 p.m. This Friday is special because it falls on the 13th.

This spot near Holt has become a traveling hub since it opened earlier this year. On a recent visit, I found a young man with a rodeo shirt on his cell phone speaking in a thick Southern drawl. An elderly couple poured over a USA Today and conversed about how great it is to enjoy their drinks while they wait (for an incoming flight to arrive?) without paying for airport parking.

It seems that Starbucks should be able to afford a better special than this. Who really drinks coffee after 6 p.m.? But if you’re in the area for an after-dinner beverage, encourage a posse of friends to don black and get as many cups o’ freebies as you can. That way, you won’t feel bad spending $4 on a macchiato later.