The reason I go out to eat is so that I don’t have to cook my own food

Friday’s Sun/Daily Bulletin restaurant review is of Kin Noki Fusion Pot Restaurant in Chino.

Critic Allan Borgen informs us that in this Japanese-, Chinese- and Korean-influenced restaurant, you choose your broth, then your meat (or veggies) and you get the privilege of cooking the meat (or veggies) in the broth.


Just what I need, a restaurant where I have to cook my meal too!

Actually, I have done this. A friend once paid for us to go to the Melting Pot in Rancho Cucamonga. It was not a great experience on several counts.

I’ll bet Kin Noki Fusion Pot Restaurant is way better, and according to Allan’s review, it is. He gives them four stars, even though they didn’t really do anything.

Read his review here.

Also, Elaine Lehman reviews Joanne’s Cafe in Upland Ontario.

I know Upland Ontario fairly well, but I couldn’t place Joanne’s until I looked it up on Google Maps. Then it struck me…I’d eaten there before! But it wasn’t Joanne’s then…it was China Palace.

Of course, that was probably back in the 1900s.

No wonder my brain was doing flip-flops trying to remember what it used to be.

From what I remember, China Palace was one of the better Chinese buffets, too.

Joanne’s doesn’t sound too bad, either. You can read Elaine’s review here.

  • Sue

    FYI – Joanne’s Cafe is NOT in Upland, it’s in Ontario, just north of 4th street about 1 mile south of the 10 Fwy.

  • John Plessel


    You’re absolutely right. Serves me right for trying to think in the middle of the night.