Why, CiCi’s, why?

Why do you taunt me so?

Why do you continue to advertise your “pizza, pasta, salad and dessert all for under $5”?


When the nearest CiCi’s Pizza location is in Las Vegas?

And the total number of California locations is zero?

I’ve been hearing your ads for, what, like two years now. You’ve whetted my appetite. I really would like to give you guys a try.

It’s just that I’m not willing to drive all the way to Vegas to do so.

Oh, wait…your Web site offers a list of locations that are opening soon. Let’s see: North Carolina, Illinois, Texas, Florida, Delaware, Tennessee, Minnesota, Colorado, Arizona.

Nope, no California locations are planned.

Of course, CiCi’s isn’t the only offender.

I’d been hearing (and seeing) the Ruby Tuesday ads for about a year and a half before they made the announcement that they were opening a restaurant here in San Bernardino.

So now we have a whole two Ruby Tuesdays here in Southern California (the other is in West Covina).

I can understand if I had only seen the commercials on the national cable channels, but no. I’ve seen them on the L.A. stations, and heard them on L.A. radio as well.

What gives?

I can see if you want to advertise ahead of opening to raise awareness of your restaurant. That makes sense.

But to advertise a restaurant that isn’t even in this state? Save your money.

And give my cravings a break.