Glad because it’s Friday…

…and Friday always brings new reviews.

Well, that, and the obvious.

This week, we’ve got David Cohen’s review of AK Lotus Garden on Hospitality Lane in San Bernardino.

Don’t know where the “AK” came from, but Lotus Garden is a longtime mainstay on Hospitality Lane. I haven’t been for years, but from what I remember, it was pretty good.

Cohen agrees…he gave it four stars.

However, I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’d consider $25-35 per person “relatively economical.” For that price, and a sampling of 10 dishes, I’m sure you’re going to be carrying home lots of those cardboard take-home cartons though.

My last visit to Lotus Garden was with a vegetarian friend, and he ordered all faux meat dishes for us. They were very delicious and if nobody told you they weren’t meat, you probably wouldn’t guess.

Read David’s review here.

Out in Fontana, Elaine Lehman reviews Dickey’s Barbecue Pit, on Sierra Lakes Parkway (just down from the brand-spankin’-new Mimi’s Cafe…more on that later).

Elaine praises Dickey’s for their “delicious barbecue food at reasonable prices.”

She also mentions the free dill pickles and ice cream (sound familiar?) for paying customers.

Should be a hit with pregnant women. Heh.

You can read her review here.

Now go and enjoy the rest of your Friday!