San Bernardino is Wendy’s-free again

So as I was on my way to Ruby Tuesday for dinner the other night, I noticed that the Wendy’s on Tippecanoe Avenue had shut down.

That makes the fourth Wendy’s that I can recall that has opened and closed in San Bernardino.

There used to be two Wendy’s (Wendy’ses?) on Highland Avenue back in the ’80s. The one on West Highland Avenue is now Michael’s Burgers. The other on East Highland Avenue is Union Bank of California.

Around that same time, there was also one on E Street. It’s now a Juan Pollo.

I’m not at all shocked about the one on Tippecanoe closing. It was in a terrible location.

Once they tore out all those houses and put up that Hub shopping center, they threw an island down the middle of Tippecanoe, which meant that you couldn’t get to Wendy’s if you were heading south.

You had to turn a block ahead, travel a fairly long block through a residential neighborhood, go down toward the freeway and back to Tippecanoe.

To exit, you had to do the same thing in reverse.


If you were heading north, no problem. Unless you couldn’t get out in traffic for all the cars heading to Sam’s Club and Costco as you were leaving.

So San Bernardino no longer has a Wendy’s…again.

But what it does have is a McDonald’s.

On the Westside.

A giant, brand-new McDonald’s, right on the corner of Mount Vernon Avenue and Base Line.

Now, as much as I am not a McDonald’s fan, I am glad to see some economic growth in that part of town…any part of San Bernardino, actually.

Even if it is McDonald’s.

It appears to be popular, too. The parking lot was over half full when I drove by the other day.

And shortly, we’ll all have Burger Mania.

That happens to be the name of the restaurant which is opening soon in the shell of the old Del Taco on E Street.

It also happens to be just down from the…you guessed it…ex-Wendy’s Juan Pollo.

See, it all makes sense now!