A Jewish deli at the Auto Club Speedway? Oy vey!

Canter’s, even!

I didn’t believe it either when I saw Josh Dulaney’s Fontana Now blog post here.

Odd. Just odd.

  • Whoa! Awesome –is this Canter’s open 24 hrs like the one in Los Angeles?

    I have only lived in Fontana the past 1.6 yrs, and haven’t had a chance to check out the Speedway, so is this Canter’s like, INSIDE and/or passed the Speedway’s entrance? Or is it AROUND the Speedway’s actual location? Do you have to pay admission to the Speedway in order to eat @ Canter’s? That’s what I’m getting at actually, heh.

    Canter’s –a great after-drinking joint if you’re not into greasy fast food; well, the Canter’s in L.A. is good for after-drinking since they’re open 24 hrs., which is what I’m pondering about this Speedway Canter’s location *crosses fingers*

  • John Plessel


    If you’d followed the links in the post, you would’ve seen that Canter’s only set up shop during NASCAR weekend in February of this year. And yes, you would’ve had to pay to enter the speedway to eat there. They’ll probably do it again next year if you want to indulge. And if you’re just looking for some decent after-drinking food in Fontana, may I suggest El Gallo Giro on Sierra Avenue, just north of the 10. It’s open 24/7 and has fairly authentic Mexican food and pastries. Enjoy!