‘Lainey heads to San Bernardino for lunch

Wow, that Elaine Lehman sure gets around.

I mean, she works for the Daily Bulletin in Ontario, but she eats here and there and everywhere.

Upland, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana…Yucaipa.

And San Bernardino.

This isn’t her first visit to our fair city, and I’m sure it isn’t her last.

This particular trip was to an old standby, The Little Dragon on Highland Avenue.

I’ve been that Cantonese-style Chinese restaurant many times, but not for a couple of years or so. It’s been around a long time, though.

I swear it was there when we moved here in
the early ’70s, but I could be wrong.

Geez, Elaine, with all the money you’re spending on gas driving all over the Inland Empire for lunch, you might be able to afford someplace a little ritzier if you stayed closer to Ontario.

Just a suggestion.

You can read her review here.