Free Quiznos! Free Quiznos! Free Quiznos!

OK, this time it’s Quiznos who’s giving away free stuff.

They’re giving away a million free subs for those who subscribe to their “Q-Club” mailing list, which you can opt-out of once you get your free sub.

The coupon you receive is good for any small Every Day Value or signature sub, and it’s only good for five days after you print it.

They have already given away 678,687 subs as of the time of this posting (including one to yours truly), so get crackin’!

Click here to go directly to the sub giveaway page.

If you didn’t take advantage of this deal, you’re too late…they’ve already reached a million subs!

You can still nominate your favorite do-gooder (or yourself) to get free subs for a year (one a week) at the Million Subs site.
And if you live in San Bernardino (or go to CSUSB) and want to redeem your free sub coupon locally, you can cross the sole San Bernardino Quiznos (at University Parkway and Kendall Drive) off your list. They’ve got a sign taped to their front door indicating they aren’t accepting the “Million Subs” coupon.
Next-closest stores look like Base Line at the 210 in Highland and Sierra Lakes Parkway at Citrus Avenue in Fontana.
Please comment if you find any other Quiznos that don’t want to play the Million Subs game.
Further updates
Three cheers for the Colton Quiznos (on South Mount Vernon Avenue)! They had no problem accepting the Million Subs coupon, and did so with a smile!
Take that, San Bernardino Quiznos!
My sandwich was pretty tasty, too. I ordered the turkey bacon guacamole on wheat bread. Yum! The bread was especially soft and flavorful. The guacamole was a little too tangy to be freshly made, but it was good nonetheless.
One thing I forget about Quiznos is their uncommon selection of diet fountain beverages. They’re the only chain that I can think of that carries Diet Mountain Dew. They also have a low-cal Sobe cranberry grapefruit drink. Ah..refreshing!
  • gc

    “They giving away a million free subs for those who subscribe to their ‘Q-Club’ mailing list, which you can opt-out of once you get your free sub.”

    While you were letting your fingers tapping on the fly, wouldn’t you think this was an overtly unethical suggestion?

  • John Plessel

    g(lenn?) c(lose?):

    can: to have the right or qualifications to

    I was merely restating what Quiznos posted on their sign-up page. In accepting the Million Subs offer, you were also being signed up for their mailing list. They explained that you were free to opt-out at any time and provided the opt-out link themselves on that page.

    So, to answer your question, no.

    For the record, I have not chosen to opt-out. I’m more than happy to hear about more offers from them and pass them to the growing mob of Dine 909ers out there.

    You don’t happen to work at the San Bernardino Quiznos, by chance? Just curious.

    Thanks for reading.