Friday’s food fun

Here we are, another Friday, which means new reviews!

First up we have Elaine Lehman’s review of the Ontario lunch joint Tummy Busters, which is definitely not to be confused with Tummy Stuffer.

She got the daily special for $5.49, which on the day she went, was fried chicken, which she enjoyed.

Their menu sounds relatively diverse, with burgers, sandwiches, a salad bar and teriyaki dishes.

They’re open weekdays during breakfast and lunch hours.

Click here to read her whole review.

Next up is Allan Borgen’s review of Del Mar’s Baja Mexican restaurant at the northeast corner of Cherry Avenue and Base Line in Fontana.

He gives them four stars out of five. Interesting, since there’s another Mexican place catty-corner from there that Allan reviewed just a few months ago.

Now what are the odds of two highly-rated Mexican restaurants being on the same street corner in the IE?

OK, stupid question.

As a bonus, Allan reviews the gelato place next door.

Personally, I’m always on the lookout for a good gelato place. I really miss La Gelateria since they moved out of Rancho Cucamonga a couple of years back. Franco…please come back!

I’ll definitely be giving GelatoLicious a try, despite the cringe-inducing name.

You can read Allan’s two-fer review here.

  • shawn

    I’ve been to both mexican restaurants and the gelato shop. Even though they are both mexican restaurants they are totally different, but very good. The gelato shop is probably the best shop i’ve visited. i’ve been to francos shop, and must say his gelato is delicious. the environment and extras gelatolicious, i dont think, can be matched.

  • John Plessel


    Thanks for your input. Sounds like I have to make the time to head on over there.

  • shawn


    what did you think?

  • John Plessel


    I finally went over there a couple of weeks ago. Hit both Del Mar and Gelatolicious. Went back to Gelatolicious the next day. That’s how good it was. Look for a short review soon.