Oh, the horror!

As if it weren’t bad enough that we’re smack dab in the middle of Girl Scout Cookie season.

Really, we could all eat ourselves into a frenzy with Do-Si-Dos, Trefoils and, of course, Thin Mints.

Apparently the cookies themselves aren’t enough temptation. The Girl Scouts have cleverly come up with recipes using those delicious Girl Scout Cookies!

How about Volcano Cake made with Sugar Free Chocolate Chips Girl Scout Cookies? Whoa…a dessert made out of another dessert. I think my head just exploded!

That one a little too meta for you? There’s always Peanut Thai Chicken, featuring crushed Do-Si-Dos. Mmm!

How does a Trefoils Cheesecake Cup grab ya? Sounds pretty good to me!

For all the recipes mentioned above, and more taste temptations, click here.

And if you can’t get your Girl Scout Cookie fix using those recipies, you can always head on out to Elements Kitchen in Old Town Pasadena, where they are serving up a “Girl Scout Trio of Desserts.”

The trio consists of: Thin Mint Cheesecake, a Samoa Ice Cream
Sandwich and Tagalong Truffles.

That’s it…I’m in the car already.