It’s Friday…you know what that means

Regular readers of Dine 909 know what Fridays bring, besides paychecks, of course.

That’s right…new reviews!

This week Elaine Lehman drives all the way out to San Bernardino to have lunch at Vicky’s on Waterman Avenue at Mill Street.

I’ve eaten at Vicky’s many times, but not lately. I sometimes wonder as I drive by if they’re still in business. Now I realize why I wondered that.

They close at 3 p.m. on weekends.

I never knew that. I had suspected that they kept odd hours, but now it’s confirmed.

Elaine seemed to easily make it there when they were open and enjoyed her burger special.

You can read her critique (and check out their business hours) here.

A little further south in the IE, David Cohen finds Old World flavor in Old Town Temecula.

David ate at Campini’s Italian Deli and was transported back to his youth in an East Coast Italian neighborhood.

Sounds like a feast.

My mom, who’s half Italian, has a cousin who lives in Temecula. How come he hasn’t told us about this place? Maybe he’s trying to keep it all to himself. Hmm.

It sounds like I need to take a trip down there to check it out for myself. I’ll take mom with me. She loves a good Italian deli. And after lunch, we can continue on to any number of casinos down in northern San Diego county.

She loves those, too.

Perhaps that’ll fill one day of my furlough week next week.

Thanks for finding Campini’s, David!

You can read his glowing review here.