Review roundup

It’s late…so let’s cut to the chase.

This week Elaine Lehman stakes out Burger Bar by the Old Schoolhouse in Claremont and finds it “a bit of a splurge, but definitely worth the extra dollar or so.” I do believe that’s code for “expensive.”

I’m not that huge of a burger fan, so it probably will be under my radar. Besides, if I’m in the mood for an expensive burger made just the way I want it, I’ll just drive out to Fuddruckers in Ontario.

If you’re more interested in the Burger Bar than I appear to be, you can read her review here.

More promising, if Allan Borgen’s 5-star review is any indication, is Taste of Asia in La Verne.

Taste of Asia specializes in foods from Thailand, Vietnam, China and Laos. Laos? I don’t think I’ve ever eaten Laotian food before.

La Verne is a bit of a drive, but I generally trust Allan’s reviews. If I’m in the area, I might stop in for a taste.

You can read Allan’s review here.