How do you like your free chicken — one piece or two?

The battle of the grilled chicken has begun!

In this corner, we have KFC, who is giving away a free piece of their grilled chicken today (April 27).

And in this corner, we have El Pollo Loco, who is giving away two pieces of their grilled chicken tomorrow (April 28), along with two tortillas and fresh salsa.

KFC is hyping their new grilled chicken with a new Web site and stepping even further away from their roots as Kentucky Fried Chicken. Their giveaway consists of one piece (manager’s choice) of the new bird for the asking. One piece per customer, of course. The offer is valid all day today at participating locations.

El Pollo Loco’s deal includes a leg and a thigh and is valid until 8 p.m. at participating restaurants. It’s available for walk-up orders only — so no delivery or drive-thru. Breast substitutions are extra. Click here for full details.

Who will be the winner of the battle of the grilled chicken?

You will, of course! Any time you can get free food just for the asking, you win. Enjoy!