Friday reviews etc.

Another Friday, another pair of reviews of places I’ve yet to visit.

Elaine Lehman made her way out to Grand Terrace to try Bonello’s New York Pizza.

She got more than she bargained for when she ordered the lunch special.

Click here to read it for yourself.

On the dinner side, David Cohen reviews Riverside’s Restaurant Omakase.

He gives it five stars out of five.

Looking at the current menu on their Web site, most of it sounds incredible:

  • bisque of fairytale pumpkin, house cheese, bacon, brioche
  • japanese tai, sashimi style, a pickle of persimmon, apple & hot mint
  • butternut gnocchi, glazed with tart apple, reggiano, balsamico
  • roquefort ‘cheesecake’, preserved quince, pumpkin seed oil
  • apple-yogurt souffle, brown sugar-sea salt anglaise

Then you look at the prices. David opted for a five-course tasting menu, with wine pairings. Each course is $13, with the wine pairings costing another $6.

Let’s do the math…let’s see…carry the 5…that’s a $95 dinner! Wow.

For me, that would be a once-in-a-decade treat.

There is a bright side, however. For us cheapskates, David writes that the restaurant has been offering a special tasting menu on the last Tuesday and Wednesday of the month.

Courses during the special tasting are only $10 and $5 for the wine pairing. For a three-course meal (the minimum), that’s only $45, and down to a paltry $30 if you forgo the wine.

Hmm…that’s within reach. Pity we’ve got to wait nearly a month for the next one!

Click here to read David’s glowing review.