Rancho fresh & easy hiring, but…

I drove past the Rancho Cucamonga fresh & easy (at Day Creek and Foothill boulevards) today and noticed they have a “Now Hiring” banner up.

Does this mean they’ll soon be opening?

Don’t get your hopes up.

Just as the opening of the Loma Linda fresh & easy has been in a holding pattern (see Steve Wall’s story here) since last year, the Rancho store also has no opening date.

In fact, in speaking with one of the employees at the Fontana store, I was told that the Rancho store’s opening — originally slated for this month — has been pushed back to July.

Also, I was told the also-completed-but-waiting-to-open store just north of the 210 at Riverside Avenue in Rialto wasn’t opening until October.

We’ll see.

But even if I didn’t pick up some solid information on new fresh & easy stores, I did pick up a good deal on some Activia yogurt. Only $1.50 for a four-pack. You should get some.