Gee, thanks a lot, Oprah!

If you haven’t redeemed your coupon for your free KFC two-piece grilled chicken meal, you’re already too late.

The response to the free offer was so overwhelming that Thursday the poultry purveyor issued a press release apologizing and explaining that they have stopped accepting the coupons.

The offer had already bamboozled many consumers who had difficulties getting to the Web site to actually download and print the coupon, which involved installing software before being able to print them.

KFC will be honoring the coupons, however.

So, if you were able to: a) get to the Web site, and b) install the software, and c) successfully print a coupon, you’ll now be able to d) go to KFC with your coupon and get a rain check, and e) fill out the rain check and and hand it back to the manager, and f) wait for your rain check coupon to arrive in the mail.

In return for your time and effort, not only will you receive the two-piece grilled chicken meal (with two sides and a biscuit), but you’ll get a free Pepsi as well.

You’ve got until May 19 (the original expiration date of the coupon) to head to KFC and get your rain check.

And if you want a little bit of a shock, you can click here to watch a You Tube video in which KFC President Roger Eaton discusses the snafu. It’s more than a little odd to hear an Aussie talking about Kentucky Fried Chicken.

The person I feel most sorry for in all this mess? The person handling KFC’s Twitter account.