RC fresh & easy finally to open


The Rancho Cucamonga fresh & easy (12188 Foothill Blvd. at Day Creek Boulevard) is finally going to open.


Um, we don’t exactly know.

But it will, soon.

And you know how much we love fresh & easy here at Dine 909.

Here’s yet another reason why: Whenever they open a new store, and again at that store’s first anniversary, they donate $1,000 to a local charity.

Which charity will benefit when the Rancho Cucamonga store opens its doors?

That’s where you come in.

Beginning Monday (May 25), you can go to www.freshandeasy.com/goodneighbor and nominate a local charity to be chosen to receive the $1,000 donation.

Just explain in 150 words or less why you think that particular charity should be chosen.

And do it before June 19.

Store employees will go through the submissions and choose the recipient.

So, if you know of a worthy local charity, be sure you nominate them!

And perhaps on opening day (whenever that finally happens), they’ll be the recipient of that $1,000 check.