Whoopie for whoopie pies!


A while back, Dine 909 and Redlands Daily Facts Business Editor Joy Juedes paid a visit West Coast Whoopies in Calimesa.

I felt privileged to meet Queen Whoopie Maker Alisa Evans, who invited us “behind the curtain” to see whoopie pies as they were being made.

I was definitely impressed by her work ethic.

But I digress. Let’s start at the beginning…

What’s a whoopie pie? It’s similar to a Hostess Suzy Q, but fresh, delicious and…round. Imagine two cupcake tops with frosting in-between. That’s a whoopie pie.

West Coast Whoopies makes their whoopie pies in a variety of flavors. I tried several: Aunty Anne’s Red Velvet, Cheryl’s Snickerdoodle and the limited-edition Babe’s Orange Blossom. My favorite, though, was the Boston Original, delicious chocolate cake with creme filling. Yum!


What I didn’t quite grasp about West Coast Whoopies before I stepped foot in their door is that they are a full-service bakery.

They are much more than just whoopie pies.

Just for starters, they make: cannolis, brownies, scones, cookies, cupcakes, pies, muffins, cinnamon rolls and artisan breads. Whew!


And they make the most incredible custom cakes. The day we were there, they were making a cake which featured a box turtle. I kid you not. They made a Coach purse cake for KOLA-FM that you absolutely have to see to believe.

They make sugar-free treats and gluten-free cakes.

They have their fingers in many different pies (heh, heh), and sell their whoopie pies at other locations, including Gerrard’s and Olive Avenue markets in Redlands.

They host a monthly “Tea Time for Tots,” where young (and older) ones can make their own whoopie pie or cupcake creations.

They’ve been featured on television programs like Good Day L.A. and KVCR’s Out to Eat.


And they’ve only just turned one.

To celebrate, they’re having a one-year anniversary party this Saturday (June 6) from 9 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. at the bakery, which is at 1007 Calimesa Blvd., Suite H, about a block south of County Line Road.


KOLA-FM will do a live broadcast from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., and at 10 a.m., Calimesa Mayor Jim Hyatt will proclaim June 6 to be “Whoopie Pie Day.”


Water Wars West will be hosting water balloon fights and the bakery will have free samples of their delicious baked goods.

They’re also having a whoopie pie eating contest a 11:30 a.m., so if you’re interested in competing, call the Queen Whoopie Maker herself at (909) 795-8788 or email her at aevans@westcoastwhoopies.com.

Finally, if you order online, you can use the secret (it’s not so secret anymore) code “Anniversary” to get 20 percent off your order.
To read more, click here to view West Coast Whoopies’ blog or here to see Joy’s article from the Redlands Daily Facts.

I’m looking forward to the celebration. Hope to see you there!