Joey’s to open in RC


Monday will bring us a new barbecue restaurant in Rancho Cucamonga: Joey’s. This joint already has locations in Pomona, Upland and Chino. It’ll be the fifth eatery dedicated to barbecue, following Red Hill, Lucille’s, Dickey’s and Famous Dave’s. (Am I missing any?)

Five barbecue restaurants, with three new ones in the last year … that’s impressive. It’s like the new frozen yogurt.

on Foothill Boulevard near Klusman, sits on what I believe to be a
stretch with the best restaurants in the city. Victoria Gardens fans
might vehemently object, but Route 66 between Vineyard and Archibald is
home to some pretty awesome restaurants, especially if you’re like me,
constantly hungry and poor. Coffee Klatch, In & Out, Pho Ha, Taco Hut, The Deli and Felipe’s are all outstanding. Maybe Joey’s can soon join that list.  

  • Eats-A-Lot

    There’s a place named “Spices” on the SW corner of Lemon and Haven, where Tio’s and Dominoes are located; I haven’t been there, but I’ve heard they’ve got awesome side dishes.

    There’s also a place on East and Baseline, next to the 15 fwy overpass, by Roller City; it looks like a take-out place and to enter that part of the shopping center, you need to turn right on East, then left into the parking lot. Very confusing. Again, I’ve never been there!

    Then there’s The Pit, which was always outstanding, but I haven’t been there in quite some time; I don’t know if the same family still operate it.

    These are all low-key places w/out the bells and whistles of places like Lucille’s and Famous Daves, but I’ve eaten at both of those places (because of their proximity to movie theaters) and I always come away feeling like I’ve overpaid. Maybe one of these smaller joints is worth a shot when one doesn’t feel like cooking dinner?