A review and more fancy food

On Fridays, we normally get a lunch review from Elaine Lehman and a dinner review from either Allan Borgen or David Cohen.

Well, today is different. We do get a lunch review from Elaine, but this week, as last week, we don’t get a dinner review.

More on that later.

Elaine “flew” over to San Bernardino to have lunch at the Airport Express Cafe, near the entrance to the San Bernardino International Airport. According to Elaine, they have a mix of items including Asian, Korean and Mexican dishes.


I thought Korean was Asian.

They also serve American and Mexican breakfasts.

They do serve one of my favorites for lunch: the Monte Cristo sandwich, which was one of two options Elaine was pondering. She chose the veggie sandwich.

I guess I’ll have to “fly” over and check it out for myself.

You can read her take here.

David Cohen, on the other hand, continues his report on favorites from the most recent Fancy Food Show held in San Francisco.

You can read last week’s report here and this week’s follow-up here.

Speaking of San Francisco, that’s where I’ll be this weekend. I’m especially looking forward to this culinary journey on Saturday. We’re taking the two-hour champagne brunch cruise.

Try not to be jealous.

In the meantime, Dine 909ers, don’t forget about the free Pinkberry from 5 to 9 p.m. tonight and the free burrito for Costco shoppers at the San Bernardino Chipotle on Saturday and Sunday.

There…that should tide you over ’til I get back.