Free Chick-fil-A! Free Chick-fil-A! Free Chick-fil-A!

OK, this is all over the Web, but I have yet to see the source, so I’m passing this along with a grain of salt:

Participating Inland Empire and Orange County Chick-fil-A restaurants are giving away free food from 5 to 8 p.m. this week leading up to Cow Appreciation Day, which is Friday (July 10).

The local Customer Appreciation Week giveaways will go by this schedule:

Today (July 6): Free Chicken Sandwich
Tuesday (July 7): Free Spicy Chicken Sandwich
Wednesday (July 8): Free 8-piece Chicken Nuggets
Thursday (July 9): Free 3-piece Chick-n-Strips

The Cow Appreciation Day giveaway is indeed real. Click here for more info on that. You’ll get a free entre for dressing even a little bit like a cow and a free combo meal for showing up “fully dressed as a cow.”

Know for sure that the Inland Empire/OC deal is true? Please comment below.

Update: The IE/OC Customer Appreciation Week has been verified. By me. Went to the Redlands location and had a free chicken sandwich for dinner tonight, along with a small soda and my share of a large waffle fries. Total cost for the two of us…$4.49. Such a deal!

One guess as to where I’m eating dinner the rest of the week!