A fresh & easy surprise

So I was poking around the Dine 909 Twitter account, seeing who was following us, and ended up wandering over to fresh & easy’s Web site.

I went, as I usually do, to their Inland Empire locations page to check on the status of their long-delayed stores in Loma Linda, Rancho Cucamonga and Rialto.

Nothing new on those sites: The Loma Linda store is completed and is basically a fresh & easy-sized advertisement for fresh & easy. The Rancho Cucamonga store is hiring, but I know for a fact that they’re still working on the interior of the store. The Rialto store is also complete and it looks like the nearby Walgreens is ready to open.

The surprise? They’re opening a store at Highland and Del Rosa avenues right here in San Bernardino. The actual address is 1631 E. Highland Ave.

Apparently, it’s going in the same center as dd’s discounts, another lower-cased corporate entity.

As with the Rancho Cucamonga store, they’re hiring.

Normally, I don’t like surprises. This one I was all in favor of.

  • Gary Jacobs

    It appears from the construction (complete with signage) that another Fresh & Easy is to open in Calimesa at some point on Calimesa Boulevard, across (about) from Stater Bros. Looks like Walgreen’s and Carl’s Jr. are in the same complex.

  • Linkanubis

    I wanna apply to the San Bernardino store. By when do you think they’ll hiring?

  • John Plessel


    I’m not seeing anything on their Web site currently (I’m sure you checked, too). A friend of mine says they’ve got an Opening Soon banner up, so you might want to drive by every now and again. In the past, they’ve had a tent set up outside for hiring purposes.

    Of course, there are several stores that have completed construction…some for many months…that haven’t yet opened.

    My advice? Just keep checking their Web site, and drive by every so often during daytime hours.

    With any luck, we’ll see you there!