Ever get dj vu? I’m feeling it right now…

I just saw an email in my inbox that made me do a double-take.

It was from fresh & easy’s PR firm, letting us know that the Rancho Cucamonga store (12188 Foothill Blvd. at Day Creek Boulevard) was soon opening and that they were taking nominations for charities to receive $1,000 at the grand opening.

Hmmm…haven’t I heard that somewhere before?

Well, yeah. It turns out that this is the second time they’ve announced the store opening…without giving us a definite opening date.

Same rules apply…if you have a charity you want to nominate to get the grand, go to www.freshandeasy.com/goodneighbor and nominate them. You’ve got from Friday (August 7) until September 4 to do so. (Looks like you can already nominate a charity to receive the donation at the San Bernardino location’s grand opening!)

They must be a little closer to actually opening this time, because they’ve hired a store manager — Delton Cast — and have tents setup on-site to interview potential new employees.

But, I’m guessing the store is not going to open before September 4. Stay tuned to Dine 909 for more info.

  • Anonymous

    i had been trying to apply there for a while but i never see anything on the website…am i missing something?

  • John Plessel


    From the press release from August 5, “Fresh & Easy staff are currently manning on-site tents and interviewing potential new store employees.” Also, if you go to their Web site, click on “A great place to work” on the left, then “Join us” on the right, and do a basic job search for the keywords “Rancho Cucamonga,” you just might find what you’re looking for. They’ve got postings for Team Leader, Customer Assistant and Kitchen Table Coordinator up right now.

  • anonymous

    thanks so much for the info! already got a call back…lets just hope they actually open their doors lol
    great blog by the way, love it!