Chipotle? There’s an app for that!

Let’s say that you’re out running errands and you’ve suddenly got a craving for some Chipotle Mexican Grill.


You don’t have time to stand in line and wait while everyone else decides what they want to eat.

If you’ve got an iPhone, you’re in luck!

Now there’s a free Chipotle app available here via iTunes.

The app allows iPhone and iPod Touch owners to order and pay for their Chipotle orders via their handheld.

They can also save their favorite meals, as well as the meals of friends, family and co-workers, which can be ordered as a group.

The software will even find the nearest Chipotle for you.

So…no more waiting in line! Just order and pay through the app, then pick it up at the restaurant.

Of course, if you don’t have a iPhone or an iPod Touch, you can still order and pay through your browser at Chipotle’s Web site here.

Now if only they’d make an app for those of us with a Palm Pr…

  • Dave Domingo

    John: Nice blog! (David Allen plugged it on his.) Will visit here when I want to know what people down south are eating. Take care.

  • John Plessel

    Wow…a voice from the past! Thanks for the compliment. Good to hear from you! Feel free to drop by Dine 909 whenever you feel nostalgic for the I.E. is such a thing even possible? Perhaps so. And have fun on Sunday at Famous Dave’s!

    Dine 909ers, Dave is also a blogger. You can read his “Recycled Dad” blog at