Free Buffalo wings! Free Buffalo wings! Free Buffalo wings!

T.G.I. Friday’s is kicking off football season by giving football fans (and others) free Buffalo wings during football-watching parties today (September 10), Sunday (September 13) and Monday (September 14).

But not on Friday.

During the Tennessee vs. Pittsburgh game today, followed by 13 games on Sunday, and capped off by Monday night’s double-header of Buffalo vs. New England and San Diego vs. Oakland, all Friday’s bar guests will be treated to six free Buffalo wings (six
wings in boneless or traditional styles and served with celery and either bleu cheese or ranch).

Restaurants will also feature specially-priced appetizers in the bar for football-watching parties all season long.

Geez, with all these football specials, perhaps they need to change their name to T.G.I. Monday Night’s!

  • Is this blog dead?

    I keep checking here for an update and for something more interesting than free food at chain restaurants. Surely there’s something more exciting happening around here. Why not try highlighting the many non-chain ethnic cuisine restaurants in the area? How about profiling restaurants that have been around for a long time? You could talk about cooking classes that some restaurants offer, where to find the best type of food (either a particular food or a certain ethnicity), farmers markets, food tips — you name it. There is so much out there, yet I don’t see any of that here.